The Giants of The Wind creates iconic, graceful structures befitting the soft movement of wind turbines, transforming mundane infrastructures into kinetic sculptures on the landscape.

Wind is a growing source of green energy. With wind turbines becoming excessively dominant on the landscape, and with their size and numbers increasing, we think this is an elegant solution making each of these kinetic sculptures, and epic destination to visit, whilst making them more appealing to the eye and the surrounding location.

The Land of Giants™


This incredible design from Choi+Shine architects from a few years back transforms mundane electrical pylons into iconic and graceful statues on the Icelandic landscape.

These structures are designed to be designed to be over one hundred and fifty foot tall, configured to respond the environment with hand gestures and postures, as they carry electrical lines through the ascending landscape, the can stretch to allow for increased height, or crouch to increase the stress or strain under the weight of the load.

The Land of Giants™

The pylon-figures can also be arranged to create a sense of place through deliberate expression. Subtle alterations and repositioning of the main body parts in the x, y and z-axis, allow for a rich array of expressions and possibilities as they silently carry electricity across the terrain.

This ingenious design has loads of awards in design, architecture and we first came across it on the BBC when sowing our spring crops back in 2010, but its still something that we look back upon with wonder.

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We just love these knitted fruit and veggies, they look good enough to eat!

MapleApple are a mother and daughter design duo based in Latvia. These wonderful creations made from wire wool and acrylic. What a fantastic way to demonstrate the shapes, colours and individuality of everyday items such as the humble fruit and vegetable…

Here at ALLOTINABOX© we are passionate about getting everyone growing food at home, and it’s often a real challenge to get children to enjoy the benefits that fruit and vegetables can bring. Designed as a series of playful and and fun knitted toys, the collection includes, beetroot, chilli, radish, leeks, garlic, potatoes and carrots.

Real vegetables transformed into child-safe play food gets the big thumbs up from our head grower, each of the items really capture the shape and hues of each chosen vegetables. Hand-knitted to be safe for children, the knitted fruits and veggies also provides an alternative to plastic and wooden toys which in our eyes is a big healthy bonus!

What we really love is the way that the designers have incorporated knitted roots, so that they give an impression of being freshly plucked from the soil.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 16.15.14

…The complete collection is available online on MappleApple Etsy Shop.

Great Gifts Bravo!



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