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From a gardening blog with small roots to over 500 thousand plant whisperers visiting the site a month! Chris from AllotInABox brings you over 1000 pages of plant based goodness to help you cultivate the indoor or outdoor garden of your dreams.

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Hi I’m Chris the owner, writer and editor of AllotInABox and total plant geek with 15 years of gardening experience. You won’t find anyone more obsessed with plants than me! I created AllotInABox to share my passion and experience with other people & help them get into the world of gardening. So, grab your gardening gloves and join me on this wild botanical journey where we’ll unleash our inner green thumbs together!

Our roots

Born from a love for nature and a passion for cultivating life, is your trusted online resource, guiding you through the enchanting journey of indoor and outdoor gardening. It’s a platform where gardening wisdom is shared, green dreams are nurtured, and every visitor evolves into a true ‘plant whisperer’.